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Purpose of establishment

Tzuyoung Purpose

we go to the place
where needs us

It all starts from benevolence and love and to deliver the seeds of hope and dream, to take the spirit of "gaining from the society, giving back to the society," and behave the perspective of "we go to the place where needs us" and to approach the universal value of being selflessness, dedication, being mercy and populate the universal value of benevolence.

Words from President of Lucidity Group

Gaining from the society,
giving back to the society


"Gaining from the society, giving back to the society," is how we start the Tzuyoung foundation. The company's profit is coming from society; hopefully, it can turn out to be the sense of love to share the love with people who need it. We won't feel truly happy until those people who need help feel happy.

Referring to the children in the countryside of underprivileged groups, we realize that those children need to work even harder than urban people if they want to be successful. The children acquire less social resources than those in the city. To cultivate them with better competitiveness and also evenly develop five fields of education. Furthermore, to enhance their independent thinking ability, that's all the heading the foundation needs to work on. The foundation is expecting the "education inspiring" is the best path for children to be away from poverty. Hopefully, the children will become blessed people and will feedback to the hometown in the future.

The incoming Super-aged society is an issue that requires an immediate solution. Improving senior people's living quality and safety allows them to live as old as they have dignity. This is also the foundation's goal in the future.

We firmly believe in the attitude of "if we don't do it now, it will not be done in the future." The foundation will take" to care about the children in the countryside of underprivileged groups and senior peoples' living" as we are currently working on it. We anticipated the foundation being able to do" a torch of fire can be shared with hundreds and thousands of people." We wish to give the light to illuminate others and have the society to be filled up with warmth.


Words from CEO of Tzuyoung

Selfless giving unto others,
   represents one’s true wealth


In December 2012, the "Tzuyong social welfare foundation" was founded under the support of Chairman Huang at Lucidity Group. The foundation operates based on "to dedicate yourself for others is the selflessness, bearing the essence as benevolence and the love is coming your way continuously," and dedicate themselves without being selfish and executing "we go to the place where needs us."

Three primary targets of the foundation are" to wake up the care of general public to the senior people, " to improve the living status nowadays in underprivileged groups," and" to cultivate the children's learning ability in disadvantaged groups," and to light up the surrounding area, to activate the dream of the hope, to implement the strength of caring people, to promote the people-oriented society of appreciation based and the universal value.

I've been fortunate for my entire life with a lot of opportunities to face the challenges. I'm willing to accept the challenges in my life until now, regardless I have no idea if I can do everything I want, but I'm eager to try! I anticipate myself holding a heart with enthusiasm, dedicated to the career of charity, to work on something I have to do, and to provide warmth to some other people's works.

It has been more than eight years since the foundation was established, but I have been lucky to have group partners with enthusiasm for public affairs, and they all have the sincere heart to be willing to help other people. We learned quite a few things by doing it, and I have a profound impression that sometimes it brings up happiness, joy, sadness, or injury. When I look back, that was the time we spent, and it became unforgettable.

During the journey of our life, we anticipate ourselves and the people who we work with. We can face it and change it when a challenge is on the way. And to create a circulation of love for society.

Tzuyoung Spirit

Be the warmest reliable support,
to light up hope with love

Lucidity Group holds "gaining from the society, giving back to the society," as a permanent running principal, for more than 40 years after it initiated the business, and with great support and long-term involvement to the charity activities in the society. And did their best to fulfill the social responsibility of an enterprise.

The foundation was established with the most simple and initial "appreciation." The current focus is on caring for seniors and children/juveniles. Starting 2015, the foundation will primarily, on behalf of a social welfare institute, apply an indirect project of donation plan. In the future, Tsuyoung foundation will expect itself as the warmest reliable support and to light up everybody just like the headlight on the cars leading to the endless future.

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